Tip 4, Relaxing Events

Relaxing Events should be visited every day through use of a “relaxing events schedule.” Pleasant Events Theory postulates that spending time relaxing “can lessen stress and give caregivers some control over their distress cycle.” (Olshevski  Stress Reduction for Caregivers 68)

Steps to get started with this are:

  • Identify what things really help you to relax.
  • Choose which items to schedule now.
  • Start with every other day and then make time for every day.

Relaxing events are things like: watching the sun set, reading from a book, taking a walk, singing, having a cup of tea or cocoa or a glass of sparkling water, reading your favorite section of the newspaper, petting the dog or cat, working in one flower bed or garden patch, feeding and watching birds or fish, reading a magazine or one chapter of a book, enjoying a bubble bath or shower with music and candles, watching escapism movies or television programs, spending time in a private spot in the home or yard, calling a friend, meditating for fifteen minutes, using the Internet for fun and to plan outings. (http://www.agingcarefl.org/caregiver/fourStages/stageThree/section01

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