Caregiver Tips

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Caregiving is a GOOD Thing!

Many practices can give a boost to your caregiving work of developing presence and mindfulness. Here we list just a few. Pick and choose from this list according to what you like; we don’t expect you to use all of these practices.

In truth, we could have listed hundreds of practices because anything, even the most insignificant task, can be used to develop moment to moment awareness or mindfulness. Someone who works on him or herself and has the conviction to practice daily mindfulness is known as a peaceful warrior, using any situation that comes her way to build true presence. This is an honored position. We congratulate you. Your compassion will get deeper the more you practice, so forge on! But as we said above, please, remember to be kind to yourself. Don’t make unreasonable demands of yourself. You are already doing so much! Easy does it…and above all, don’t stress.



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