Clear Light Prayer from Tibetan Book of the Dead

cleaqr light buddha

“Oh son of noble family, (name), listen. Now the pure luminosity of the dharmata is shining before you; recognize it. O son of noble family, at this moment your state of mind is by nature pure emptiness, it does not posess any nature whatever, neither substance nor quality such as colour, but it is pure emptiness; this is the dharmata, the female buddha Samantabhadri. But this state of mind is not just blank emptiness, it is unobstructed,  sparkling,  pure and vibrant; this mind is the male buddha Samantabhadra. These two, your mind whose nature is emptiness without any substance whatever, and your mind which is vibrant and luminous, are inseparable; this is the dharmakaya of the buddha. This mind of yours is inseparable luminosity and emptiness in the  form of a great mass  of light, it has no birth or death, therefore it is the buddha of Immortal Light. To recognize this  is  all that is necessary. When you recognise this pure nature of your mind as the buddha, looking into your own mind is resting in the buddha-mind.”
This should be repeated three or seven times, clearly and precisely. For more instructions see ten steps on delivering a reading.

This prayer is taken from page 37 of The Tibetan Book of the Dead trans by Chogyam Trungpa.

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