Exercise: Diffusion of Vision

exercise for caregiver presence

diffused vision!

Purpose: To demonstrate the effectiveness of diffusion of vision for concentrating attention. To give you an experience of the potential of attention with diffused vision.

Exercises: Do these exercises seated in a chair.

Look straight ahead. Spread your arms out to the side so you cannot see your hands. Then, wiggling your fingers, slowly bring your hands forward until you first notice the finger movements out of the corner of your eyes. This is your peripheral range of vision. Now reach your arms overhead and without moving your head look for the moving fingers as you slowly lower your arms. When you first see the fingers… that is the vertical range of vision. Now unfocus your eyes to take in a panoramic view of the entire range of vision. Observe the large area that makes up your total field of vision…much greater than when your vision is focused on single objects. While doing this exercise, be sure to monitor your facial mask in order to clear any tensions that arise. Notice that keeping your vision diffused requires moment-to-moment attention. Without effort, our vision is naturally drawn to focus onto a narrow portion of the available scope of our vision.

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