Book Reviews

Bereavement – Counseling the Grieving Throughout the Lifecycle
Bereavement Provides a wealth of information about bereavement

Death and Eastern Thought
Death and dying Summary of eastern philosophies about death.

Facing Death and Finding Hope – A Guide to the Emotional and
Spiritual Care of the Dying
Spiritual Caregiving Review of a presentation by C. Longaker

Final Gifts
Hospice Understanding the Special Awareness, Needs and Communications of the Dying

Grief and the Healing Arts: Creativity As Therapy
Bereavement Part of the Death, Value and Meaning Series

Lessons From the Dying
Death & Dying An enormous amount of growth occurs when we learn from death.

Living in the Face of Death, the Tibetan Tradition
Tibetan Buddhism A fabulous introduction and survey of the ways that the Tibetan
tradition has incorporated the meditation on death into every day

Living in the Light of Death
Hospice Buddhist awareness teachings about death and dying.

Living With the End in Mind
End of life preparation A practical checklist for living life to the fullest and embracing your mortality.

Never Count Crow: Love and Loss in Kennebunk, Maine
nonfiction This book is a nonfiction account of one family’s experience of a sudden death in their midst by Maine author Cynthia Fraser Graves. The book has been getting great reviews, and would be a terrific one for The Hospice Website to consider. The book “warmly reconstitutes life in a small Maine town during the years 1972-2004 and is filled with a cast of delightful characters, the State of Maine being one. In the lives of this family, readers will recognize the sacredness of every interaction when seen through the lens of loss.”

Otherworld Journeys; Accounts of Near-death Experience in Medieval and Modern Times
History of death and dying A historical comparison of medieval and modern views of the afterlife.

Profits of Death
Funeral Industry An Insider Exposes the Death Care Industries

Rest Lightly – An Anthology of Latin and Greek Tomb Inscriptions
Tomb inscriptions A sometimes humorus and whimsical look at tomb inscriptions to give insight into the culture of the Greco-Roman era.

Sacred Dying: Creating Rituals for Embracing the End of Life • Life and Death on Your Own Terms
Death and Dying Two books which speak to the multiple complexities of achieving a “good death” in today’s reign of medical technology.

Shining Moments: Finding Hope in Facing Death
Book review An intimate glimpse into the experiences of a daughter and the father she loves as death draws near, providing an intellectual rationale for the importance of coming to terms with death, an emotional look into what it’s like to sit vigil with a loved one, and spiritual directions for creating an atmosphere of comfort and safety that the dying person needs to let go. The story shines a positive light on death to help us accept its presence in our lives.

Sleeping, Dreaming, and Dying: An Exploration of Consciousness
with The Dalai Lama
Death and Dying “We all sleep. And, whether we acknowledge it or not, we all
dream. And certainly every single one of us will die.”

Spiritual Growth and Care in the Fourth Age of Life
Spiritual Care This book addresses the spiritual needs of people in the later stages of their lives, supporting both independent active older adults as well as those who are experiencing illness and require the care of others.

The American Book of the Dead
Death & Dying – Metaphysics A contemporary guidebook in the tradition of the Tibetan & Egyptian for conscious passage and liberation.

The American Book of the Dead
Handbook for death experience “Here in short form is the substance of basic human esoteric teachings given in modern language.” John C. Lilly, M.D.

The Death of Death: Resurrection and Immortality in Jewish Thought
Jewish theology A survey of Jewish thought on eternal life.

The Hour of Our Death
Death and Dying History of cultural traditions surrounding death.

The Open Road: Walt Whitman on Death and Dying
Poetry Poems and photographs that reflect the movement and mystery of life.

The Woman’s Book of Dreams: Dreaming as a Spiritual Practice
Dream Work Exploring the transpersonal visions found within our dreams.

Transference of Consciousness at the Time of Death
Death and Dying Tibetan Buddhist teachings and spiritual practices on death and dying.

Uses of Reminiscence: New Ways of Working With Older Adults
Life Review Different experiences in working with journaling and life review with elderly.

What Am I Going to Do With Myself When I Die?
Funeral Industry Examination of the Funeral Industry
Caregiver Revolution :For families, loved ones and professionals who want to change caregiving into a positive, life affirming experience.

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