The Tibetan Book of the Dead and the Clear Light Prayer

The Clear Light Prayer, from the American Book of the Dead  is a  simple non denominational prayer that can be used for centering, or for helping another. It is based on the teachings of the The Tibetan Book of the Dead which are still practiced today.

The TBD a “guide for the dying which describes the process of dying as a natural transition. The text explains how by recognizing the mental states and physical sufferings involved we can come into contact with our own essential nature. In this way it is possible to find freedom from confusion and fear.” (from The Tibetan Book of the Dead: A Way of Life  as narrated by Leonard Cohen)

The readings can be used for anyone who is undergoing transition, distress, illness or trauma. They simply guide the one in transition to recognize his or her true nature which is unaffected by the disturbance. The Clear Light Prayer is a very straightforward and “all-purpose” way to send good intentions to another. You can request readings for yourself or anyone at the Labyrinth Readers Forum.

The Clear Light Reading
Now I am experiencing the Clear Light of objective reality. Nothing is happening, nothing ever has happened or ever will happen. My present sense of self, the voyager, is in reality the void itself, having no qualities or characteristics. I remember myself as the voyager, whose deepest nature is the Clear Light itself; I am one; there is no other. I am the voidness of the void, the eternal unborn, the uncreated, neither real nor unreal. All that I have been conscious of is my own play of consciousness, a dance of light, the swirling patterns of light in infinite extension, endless endlessness, the Absolute beyond change, existence, reality. I, the voyager, am inseparable from the Clear Light; I cannot be born, die, exist, or change. I know now that this is my true nature.

–From American Book of the Dead by E.J. Gold

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