Every Day A Holy Day by Barbara Haynes


everyday a holy dayLooking forward to receiving what looks like a wonderful, useful book. I will post a review very soon, but  for now visit the Every Day A Holy Day facebook page!

Every Day A Holy Day is an excellent manual for the use of serious spiritual seekers who understand the importance of “being there” as a gateway to spiritual maturity and to the integration of spiritual experience in ordinary life.

Rather than add special activities into our life under the banner of spiritual practices, this book demonstrates how to effortlessly fold spirituality into life. It offers 121 exercises that can be done effortlessly and without beingnoticed anywhere, anytime.

Every Day a Holy Day is not about having a peak experience, although these exercises can be a catalyst for this. Rather, it points us to a way to live our lives, to be one with our environment and the people with whom we relate. The book offers a lifetime of keys in the guise of exercises, experiments and practices to keep unlocking the doors and deepening our relationship to our heart’s desire.

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What Will Happen Today?

Last night just before the Group Orb Run, I pulled a book off the shelf, opened it up and this is what it said. While it is ringing in my head I thought I should share it:

Familiarization is the strength that comes to us when we take the teachings to heart, becoming familiar with them by using them over and over. When we wake up in the morning and start our bodhichitta training anew, what will we use as material? Just our usual day in all its variations – pleasant, unpleasant, or simply mundane.

book signing partyWhat will happen to us today is completely unknown, as unknown as what will happen at death. Whatever happens, our commitment is to use it to awaken our heart. As one of the slogans says: “All activities should be done with one intention.” That intention is to realize our connection with all beings.

And so, that is  one thing that could be happening today, and I  hope that is is a very good day for you!

The Places that Scare You – Pema Chodron, page 84

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Dr. Bill Thomas: Making a Better Nursing Home


myrtle and helenDr. Bill Thomas is doing some good work. Check this article about him from the Washington Post: We’re Lucky if We Get to be Old.

He believes that his generation, which reinvented what it means to be young, should now be reinventing what it means to grow old. “We need to get people out of hospitals, we need to create a rich set of community-based alternatives.” In essence, he argues, the goal is “normalizing the entire lifespan instead of separating and stigmatizing one part as something different.”

Drawings courtesy of Lin Larsen

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A Nice Explanation of Tibetan Medical Diagnosis – The Medicine Buddha

This article on Tibetan medical diagnosis is interesting in many ways, but what I find most striking is how Tibetan is so different than western medicine with it’s inclusion of spiritual realms.

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Tools for Spiritual Caregiving, Health Care Workers, Clinicians

My ebay shop, YARDSALEHEAVEN is up and running, full to the brim with delightful miniatures, shrines, amulets, art, books and many other tools for spiritual caregiving for family members, clinicians, professionals and health care workers.

cd caregiver orb

Here’s the idea. We try to put some mindfulness into our daily efforts while helping others, and all of the tools listed here are designed to help your efforts. It’s difficult to add FUN, spirituality, attention and mindfulness to your care, especially in a fast-paced profit-based hospital or nursing home. But that is why most of us got into this line of work, because we want to help others.

Now imagine the home environment of a lone caregiver taking care of his or her loved one, friend or family member. After many weeks, months and even years it seems almost impossible to add enthusiasm or energy.

These are the exact situations that can really be helped by these tools!

If you or your loved one needs a boost in your energy or enthusiasm, take a quick look at   our shop.

I personally recommend the AMULETS to start. They give a very nice boost and can be worn simply as they come. Here’s a nice description of the CQR devices,

The CAREGIVER ORBS require a little technical knowledge, you have to insert the DVD into a computer and open the file. If you download one of the other remedy orbs, such as Attention, Blessings, Clarity, Cancer Killer, Forgiveness, Inspiration, you will need a paypal account and the ability to download and open a file.

The BOOKS require some effort in that one has to read them but I guarantee that they are very effective living tools, especially the American Book of the Dead.

So please take a look at the tools, and realize that I am putting new items up every day, so check back often. You have to put some effort into it, very minimal I guarantee. I don’t want to waste your time and want to give you the biggest bang for your buck. Thanks!

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3 End of Life Planning Resources

  1. How to Plan a Funeral is a pretty darn good guide to the process of planning a funeral with concise information presented in an organized accessible way.
  2. Natural End furnishes information about planning a simpler, more natural burial and a map of providers of same. 
  3. Final Fling is a terrific guide and community resource for all end of life matters…and, if I may add,with a nice sense of humor!
end of life care

artwork by Lin Larsen

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